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Soltron Atlantic Challenge

In 2003, Alan Priddy attempted to cross from St. John's, Newfoundland to Cape Wrath in Scotland in less than 100 hours.


The Spirit of Cardiff was refurbished and became The Jolly Sailor.


At 1342 local, 1512 GMT on 27 July 2003 Priddy, Jan Falkowski, Clive Tully and Newfoundland native Egbert Walters embarked.


With a brief fuel stop in Nanortalik harbour (Greenland) after being battered by 50 knot winds, they headed across the Denmark Strait towards Iceland onto a further fuel stop at the island of Heimaey, past Cape Wrath (Scotland) on to Bangor (Northern Ireland). Priddy beat his previous time but did not set a world record, but it was the fastest transatlantic crossing by a RIB.


After an overnight stop, they continued down the Irish Sea and returned to Portsmouth on 9 September.

In 2004, Alan Priddy attempted to return the Jolly Sailor to Newfoundland to be used by charitable organisations but the boat was hit by a large wave and sank.


The crew was rescued.

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