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Around the World 2002

Alan Priddy, Clive Tully, Alan Carter and Steve Lloyd attempted to circumnavigate the world in the custom-built RIB Spirit of Cardiff which was specifically designed for endurance. The route encompassed 21 countries and nearly 25,000 miles and was scheduled for 75 days.


At that time, Spirit of Cardiff was one of the largest RIBs in the world with an overall length of 10 metres (33 feet).


This large size allowed a fully enclosed cabin on board to provide the team with shelter. They left Cardiff on 31 March 2002. 


The voyage ran into difficulties and was prematurely concluded when Lloyd suffered heart problems 350 miles from Newfoundland and required a helicopter airlift to Canada.

In September 2002, Priddy planned to return Spirit of Cardiff across the Atlantic.


However, the boat's engine compartment had become flooded and the bilge pumps were ineffective.


Alan Priddy wintered the boat in Newfoundland in preparation for another transatlantic record attempt in 2003.

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