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A Bit About Alan

Alan was born 7th April 1953 on a council estate in Portsmouth.


From a young age he would always take off and look for what he could not see. In later life he adopted the saying “Beyond the Horizon” He knows what he can see but he is always looking for what he cannot see.

A First-Generation Mod, Hippy, and businessman he left school at the age of 15 with the only qualifications of woodwork and sailing so he became an apprentice boatbuilder.


Although his life has been about boats and adventure and the knowledge he gained in the workplace he knew he didn’t want to work for anyone so left to start his own business when he was 17.


This engineering company has been the backbone of his life as an adventurer, humanitarian and his charity work and is now run by his eldest son James.


A passion for going around in ever-increasing circles and being on the water since the age of 8 he saved hard and purchased his own boat and when he was 11 took it all the way around Portsea Island. From this, the circles got bigger and bigger which ultimately ended crossing every ocean-going around the world in both directions.  


His expeditions, humanitarian work along with his scientific work has seen him being awarded a raft of impressive accolades. He is the current holder of 37 official world records, 18 national records, three-lifetime achievements, fellowships, honorary memberships of a selection of the most prestigious clubs in the world, and more lately the Honorary Doctorate from the University of Portsmouth for everything he has done especially in is scientific and environmental work.

He started and runs his own Children’s Charity for disadvantaged young adults in the UK and funds and built a school in Northern India for kids that normally would not get the opportunity to go to learn. This came about when he was asked by Rotary International if he could train and lead a team of four woman for a month’s visit to Bihar as part of the Gates foundation.  He was sat in a village with the elders and asked what they would like, and they replied a shelter for the children to play in during the rainy season. He teamed up with the local Rotary Club and they built a school, community centre, a small medical centre and the next stage is a library This work is on-going and what started off small over 1000 children have benefited from what he put in place. The only thing he asked in return for his help was they picked up all their litter and kept the village rubbish free.


On a personal level he admits to probably being married too many times, has looked down the barrel of too many guns, thrown into jail in far in too many countries for not wanting to pay bribes to the wrong person. He has a natural skill in making friends with the most unlikely people in the world ranging from gangsters in Japan, Drug Lords in Guatemala, members of the Indian Royal Family and quite a few global politicians. He puts all this down to his smile and ability to read situations.

So here you have it, someone who has achieved an awful lot and continues to push the boundaries of everything he gets involved to the limits and sometimes beyond but always for the right reasons.


What next for Alan?

Design and build a revolutionary boat for a quick trip around the world to bring the World Record back to Great Britain, prove his invention of turning seawater into clean burn fuel to help save the planet from increasing airborne pollutions, help everyone who needs it and spend as much time as he can with his 10 Grandchildren who he adores. 

Alan Priddy

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